• 13th September 2009

CouchDB Notes

Recently I gave a talk at Portland Ruby Brigade meeting on CouchDB, a document-oriented database. I thought I would share my notes from that talk. In some respects this was a followup to an earlier talk that Igal Koshevoy gave comparing various post-relational databases. Igal also wrote some additional notes on my talk. …

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  • 30th June 2009

Database Queries the CouchDB Way

CouchDB is a document-oriented database. It has no rows or tables. Instead CouchDB is a collection of JSON documents. It uses a map-reduce pattern to index data. Queries in CouchDB pull data from what are essentially stored procedures called views. A view is made up of a map function and optionally a reduce function. Ninety percent of the time all you need is the map function, so I will focus on map-only views here. …

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