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  • 26th August 2011

Cookies are bad for you: Improving web application security

Most web applications today use browser cookies to keep a user logged in while she is using the application. Cookies are a decades-old device and they do not stand up well to security threats that have emerged on the modern web. In particular, cookies are vulnerable to cross-site request forgery. Web applications can by made more secure by using OAuth for session authentication. …

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  • 28th July 2011

How Mobile Safari emulates mouse events


When you are adapting web apps to touchscreen devices particular challenges come up around events like mouseover and mouseout. Touchscreen devices like the iPad do not have a cursor, so the user cannot exactly move the mouse over an HTML element. However, Mobile Safari, the web browser that comes with the iPhone and iPad, has a fallback for websites that require hovering or cursor movement. …

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  • 13th September 2009

CouchDB Notes

Recently I gave a talk at Portland Ruby Brigade meeting on CouchDB, a document-oriented database. I thought I would share my notes from that talk. In some respects this was a followup to an earlier talk that Igal Koshevoy gave comparing various post-relational databases. Igal also wrote some additional notes on my talk. …

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