Automatic Code Formatting for Partially-Staged Files

This is an excerpt of a post that I wrote for Olio Apps.

I wrote git-format-staged to apply an automatic code formatter or linter to staged files. It ignores unstaged changes, and leaves those changes unstaged. When run in a Git pre-commit hook git-format-staged guarantees that committed files are formatted properly, and does not clobber unstaged changes if formatting cannot be applied to working tree files cleanly.

How I learned to love automatic formatting

I used to pay a lot of attention to code formatting. I would split or join lines, indent to just the right column, and so on. Then I learned about Prettier, and tried it out in my Javascript projects. After setting up an editor plugin I could tap a key combination, and Prettier would do the same things that I was doing by hand in an instant without any thought on my part. The code did not wind up in exactly the style that I was used to - but it was formatted according to a set of consistent, sensible rules that I can live with. I realized that if I can trust a program to format my code nicely I can free up a not-insubstantial chunk of my attention. That leaves me with more mental capacity to devote to matters that actually require human input. I have not looked back!

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