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How to install Haskell "Batteries Included" Platform on Ubuntu Jaunty

Updated 2009-08-01 (originally posted )Haskell1 min read

Just for kicks I thought I would take another shot at some Haskell programming. To get all of the common libraries and the automated package installer, cabal, I set up the Haskell Platform. Here is how I did it.

Ubuntu Jaunty includes a package for the Haskell compiler, ghc, at version 6.8. The Haskell Platform installer will roll its eyes at you if you try to proceed with this version of ghc. So the first step is to install ghc 6.10.

Paste these lines into /etc/apt/sources.list.d/haskell.list:

To get the key to verify packages from that PPA, run this optional command:

Then update your package list and install Haskell:

The Haskell Platform website does not list a package for Ubuntu yet. So download the source installer.

Before you run the installer you will want to install the necessary build dependencies:

Please leave a comment if you discover that I have left out any dependencies.

To perform the final installation step you will also need to have checkinstall installed:

Unpack the source installer wherever you like:

Finally cd into the installer directory and run the generic installation procedure:

This will build and install a deb package called haskell-platform. If you ever want to remove Haskell Platform just uninstall that package.

If all of the above worked, you should be good to go. You compile Haskell code with ghc. You can run an interactive read-eval-print-loop with ghci. And you can install Haskell libraries with cabal.

Revision history

Added zlib1g-dev to list of build dependencies. Thanks Jack Siler and Fernand.
Added step for installing checkinstall. Thanks Paulo.