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I'm Jesse Hallett, a software engineer with 16 years of experience in web development. Please take a look at my blog posts below, slides from my conference talks, or my active open source projects.

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Nix, NPM, and Dependabot

Conference Talks

Open Source Projects

git-format-staged — A git add-on that formats staged changes to code files using an automatic formatter like Prettier, and works seamlessly with partially-staged files. There are other tools that do the same job; but git-format-staged takes a unique, and in my opinion elegant, approach. See my blog post for details, and for some background on git's internal workings.

redux-instant — Minimize boilerplate in your Redux app by inferring action creators and action types from your reducer with precise type-checking when you use Typescript. Actions created by this library are serializable, and are compatible with time-travel debugging.