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  • 21st November 2014

Flow is the JavaScript type checker I have been waiting for

I am very excited about Flow, a new JavaScript type checker from Facebook. I have put some thought into what a type checker for JavaScript should do - and in my opinion Facebook gets it right. The designers of Flow took great effort to make it work well with JavaScript idioms, and with off-the-shelf JavaScript code. The key features that make that possible are type inference and path-sensitive analysis. I think that Flow has the potential to enable sweeping improvements to the code quality of countless web apps and Node apps. …

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  • 2nd August 2014

Javascript generators and functional reactive programming

tl;dr: ECMAScript 6 introduces a language feature called generators, which are really great for working with asynchronous code that uses promises. But they do not work well for functional reactive programming. …

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  • 19th May 2014

Kinesis Advantage with DSA keycaps

I now have a Kinesis Advantage keyboard for use at work. I have been feeling some wrist strain recently; and some of my coworkers were encouraging me to try one. So I borrowed a Kinesis for a week, and found that I really liked it. The contoured shape makes reaching for keys comfortable; I find the column layout to be nicer than the usual staggered key arrangement; and between the thumb-key clusters and the arrow keys, there are a lot of options for mapping modifier keys that are in easy reach. Kinesis Advantage, before modification But I really like the PBT keycaps on my Leopold. I would not enjoy going back to plain, old ABS. I also don’t want my keyboard to be just like every other Kinesis. So I decided to get replacement keycaps. …

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